Tal Arc Ltd

about us

Who are we?

Tal Arc is an international architectural practice based in London. Our practice specializes in maximizing the potential of any project, striving continuously to a more efficient use of space, innovative design and financially rewarding projects for our clients.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects. We believe our main asset as a company is the uncompromising attitude and commitment to achieve our clients’ objectives. Our determination to find a solution even in the most complex situations won us numerous clients, who then continued to put their faith in us throughout the years as our professional relationship consolidated.

What makes us a bit different?

We take pride in being involved in numerous projects while remaining very attentive to all our clients and their needs. We put a lot of emphasis on our communication with our Clients, and we remain dedicated to offering a sensitive, comprehensive, individual architectural service.

Our projects

Our professional portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from private houses and residential developments to synagogues, wedding halls, office buildings and hotels.

Having been involved in all stages of the architectural profession for more than two decades, we never stop learning and improving, always aiming to achieve the best for our clients while never compromising the architectural quality of our designs. This is evident not only in our large scale commercial developments but also in smaller residential projects.

For us every project is equally valued as it involves unique opportunities, aspirations and challenges.